Potential use of rapid antigen tests in workplaces and schools to be assessed

‘The next few weeks will give us hope if we can hang in there’

Health Danielle Barron 2 days ago

Lifting of ban on visits to nursing homes now urged

Health Danielle Barron 2 days ago

Deforestation, the wildlife trade and intensive farming: a recipe for lethal virus outbreaks

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Analysis: Variants and vaccines make projecting path of virus more complex

Health Rachel Lavin 5 days ago

HSE’s latest private hospitals Covid deal estimated to cost €47 million a month

Health Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Key public health posts remain vacant

Health Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Breakdown of HSE’s €1.6 billion war chest to fight Covid-19

Health Daniel Murray 1 week ago

National Covid-19 biobank to be set up in the coming months

Health Daniel Murray 2 weeks ago

Ireland faces severe lack of nursing home beds within a decade

Health Killian Woods 2 weeks ago

A continent on pause: why Europe is still struggling with slow vaccine roll-out

Health Danielle Barron 2 weeks ago

Susan O’Keeffe: If we want health service reform, we must listen to frontline workers

Health Susan O'Keeffe 2 weeks ago

Shortage of Covid-19 vaccines can be solved if knowledge is shared, experts say

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Barry J Whyte: How I learned to live with epilepsy

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A year of living precariously: is there an end in sight to the nightmare?

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Orla Dolan: We must pay attention to the original Big C again

Health Orla Dolan 3 weeks ago

State’s medicine supply deal is extended to July

Health Daniel Murray 3 weeks ago

ICU practice seeks funding for pre-surgery algorithm

Health Peter O'Dwyer 4 weeks ago

Analysis: Daily Covid cases could drop below 50 by March 5 if current rate continues

Health Rachel Lavin 1 month ago

Dentist to the reality stars sets up Dublin clinic

Health Killian Woods 1 month ago