Making it Work: Pandemic pivot fires growth at online payments firm Splink

Bank of Ireland to buy Davy in €605m deal

The deal is the culmination of a sales process the stockbroker started after it was hit with a record Central Bank fine

Davy transactions not subject to ‘adequate’ review, Alvarez & Marshal finds

The firm retained by Davy to conduct an internal review after the stockbroker was fined by the Central Bank said some dealings which had a high risk of conflict of interest should have been scrutinised more closely

Banking Eva Short 1 day ago

NatWest could take 20% PTSB stake as part €7.6bn Ulster Bank loan sale

Banking Donal MacNamee 15 hours ago

Making it Work: Augmented reality tech firm plans new funding round a year after raising €5m

Susan O’Keeffe: Britain’s tough talking on Northern Ireland protocol conceals a crumbling mess

Coveney appeals to British not to act unilaterally on amnesty

Funds ‘drive up cost of social housing by €50k per unit’

Housing Killian Woods 5 days ago

Hobbs to publish novel ‘like Da Vinci Code’

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Barry Cowen calls for ‘modern centre-left’ alliance with Labour

The Fianna Fáil backbencher said a centre-left link-up between the two parties would ward off the ‘nuclear option’ of people voting for the ‘left and far left’

Home Michael Brennan 5 days ago

EU import rules ‘not fit for purpose’, says British food industry

Brexit Lorcan Allen 5 days ago

Referendum is the most ‘straightforward’ way to keep Irish Water in public ownership

Martin to return control of truancy to Dept of Education

New authority to regulate ‘critical entities’ could be formed under EU proposals

Covid-19: Pubs and restaurants brace themselves for the new reality

The new ‘vaccine pass’ system is likely to create numerous problems for publicans but, as they wearily acknowledge, it’s better than being closed up

News Focus: What will it take to get more women to the top of Irish business?

Covid-19: ‘I'm hoping I won’t be one of those paying the price’

The nuclear option: Amid an energy supply deficit could small new-generation reactors work in Ireland?

Energy Daniel Murray 5 days ago

Vincent Boland: Biden wants to be heard on attempt to make America competitive again

Pat Rabbitte: There is no clear alternative to Martin in FF’s charisma-free line-up

What do the rebels have to offer? A modern rebuild of the party that could see it as junior partner in a Sinn Féin-led government?

Politics Pat Rabbitte 5 days ago

Elaine Byrne: We are now paying the price for our lack of urgency on gambling controls

Cathal Mac Coille: Confusion and conflict sour state’s planned ‘middle path’ on indoor dining

Matt Cooper: A fear of appearing uncaring is suppressing concerns over the national debt

John Gibbons: It is astounding that the climate crisis is not routinely headline news

Xtremepush eyes €500m valuation by end of 2023

Digital marketing firm develops software which provides push notifications and intelligence analysis for mobile devices, and its clients include Bank of Ireland and McDonald’s

Tech Emmet Ryan 5 days ago

Enterprise Ireland invests €200,000 in HaloCare

Expanding Etsy planning to boost its Irish workforce

Making it Work: Tech company looks ahead with advanced solutions to problem of money laundering

The Gadget Guru: Dyson V15 Detect Complete, Nutribullet Baby, Sidekicks

Gadgets Emmet Ryan 5 days ago

Day of destiny for Ireland’s Olympians

Getting ready for the Olympics is about more than just training, it is a complete way of life where everything is about optimising performance and focusing on the event. Niamh Donnelly talks to seven athletes whose hard work and dedication has led them to this year’s Tokyo Olympics

Interview: David Gillick, former track and field athlete and RTÉ broadcaster

John Connolly interview: ‘Genre is mostly only useful for organising bookshops and libraries’

Edel Coffey: The comfort of strangers

John Francis Flynn interview: ‘I’m always on the lookout for something I can connect with emotionally’

Showpiece jewel in Dublin’s crown

Stunning Jameson House in Raheny, built for £12,000 in 1910, has been painstakingly renovated to now to serve as a corporate rental for new employees with its beautiful campus-like environment

House of the Week: Palatial three-storey Cork residence offers a breath of fresh air

Charming three-bed cottage in quiet Rathgar enclave

House prices rise 10 per cent nationally in last 12 months

Period home in heart of embassy belt

Profile: Scarlett Johansson, actor

Scarlett Johansson is her own woman, unapologetic for working with Woody Allen, refusing to bend to the will of social media, and currently seeing Black Widow, her last film for Marvel, grossing hundreds of millions on its release

Profile John Maguire 5 days ago

The Big Interview: Brian O’Rourke, Cityswift

Media matters: Why going to the movies still gets top rating from Irish cinema fans

Media Eva Short 5 days ago

Willie O’Reilly: Collins brings short and sweet relief to our ears

Media Willie O'Reilly 5 days ago

Making it Work: Corporate governance venture aims to change boardrooms for the better