Wednesday December 11, 2019

Ryanair set €1.75bn profit target for senior managers

Reporting restriction lifted to allow media to report figure that would allow top staff to cash in share options

More Maximum Media podcast hits were inflated

The publisher’s ‘click-farm’ scandal was previously thought to have affected just one podcast episode, but other incidents have now come to light

Childcare facilities insurer pulls out of market

The exit of Ironshore has been described as a ‘worrying’ development by a leading childcare organisation

Ministers ‘lack bottle’ to ban smoky coal, claims Martin

Fianna Fáil leader accuses government of ‘ducking and diving’ in face of legal threats

12 hours ago
Matt Cooper | 3 days ago

O’Reilly jr’s exit marks the end of a fascinating era

The Providence Resources chief executive’s departure brings to a close his family’s almost 40-year involvement in Irish commercial life

Climate & Environment
Daniel Murray | 3 days ago

Smoke signals aren’t clearing the air

Spikes in smoky-coal emissions have brought the issue back to the fore, yet plans to tackle the problem are mired in legal threats and enforcement difficulties

Makhlouf plans ‘deep dive’ into Ireland’s shadow banking

With the activities of the hundreds of firms at the IFSC going largely unnoticed the Central Bank is examining whether aspects of the €3 trillion sector could endanger the Irish economy in the event of another global financial crisis

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Chef Jess Murphy of Kai joins Gillian Nelis for Plate: the Business Post food podcast


In his 30-year career in food, Nigel Slater has written 18 books, including his award-winning autobiography Toast, and presented several TV series. Gillian Nelis met him to talk about his latest, mostly vegetarian, book – and to hear about his plans for Christmas

Gillian Nelis | 8th December, 2019

From Beirut to Berlin, Trevor McDonald has seen it all in a long and storied career as a newsman – but covering the Troubles was an experience like no other, he tells Andrew Lynch

By its nature, yoga is physical and a bit intimate – but when does physical nearness or even a hands-on ‘adjust’ cross a line? A Netflix documentary and a New York Times exposé have ignited yoga’s #MeToo moment

After half a century in the business, the actress has reached a career peak in her seventh decade

Australian writer and director Jennifer Kent has followed The Babadook with a story of sexual and racial violence in colonial Tasmania


28th November, 2019 | Aoife Gordon

25-26 Feb 2020, RDS Simmonscourt

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Working for the company in various roles in 15 different countries prepared Ericsson’s country manager, John Griffin, for his current job. But with Brexit looming, he is glad to be back

Emmet Ryan | 8th December, 2019

The social media giant will now ask users to verify their ages, but won‘t be taking any measures to check that they are telling the truth

A digital tariff system is unnecessary: other means exist to tackle potential revenue losses from digitalisation

The name might be a mouthful but that, thankfully, is the only negative thing to say about this beauty of a wireless speaker.

Contrary to reports, the car isn’t dead – but sales are dropping and manufacturers, especially in Germany, are bracing themselves for huge changes in the sector