UN report finds bomb threat that grounded Ryanair flight in Belarus was ‘deliberately false’

Productivity in construction has been ‘poor’ — new LDA boss

Cormac O’Rourke says builders ‘continue to execute a traditional site-based approach’ and the LDA will ‘encourage standardisation and modular construction’

Housing developments approaching ‘viability tipping point’

Aecom report predicts construction cost inflation of approximately 3 per cent this year and tender price inflation of 5 per cent

Data centre electricity consumption increased 144% since 2015

Snapfix sees the bigger picture with €1.75 million funding round

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Second-hand home prices in Dublin set to rise by 6% ‘at a minimum’ in 2022

‘Extremely low supply’ is linked to continued inflation, according to Lisney

Housing developments approaching ‘viability tipping point’

Irish Life rebukes Limerick council over ‘negative’ plans for shopping centre

Frontline workers to get €1,000 pandemic bonus

Vaccine exemption on medical grounds held up by legal and logistical problems

New ‘lottery’ system to distribute cost-rental homes

Darragh O’Brien, the Minister for Housing, has signed new regulations which require that an “independently-verifiable lottery” should be used to select households for new cost-rental homes when there is excess demand

Ryan concerned about EU plan to include gas as a ‘green’ investment

Ministers approved €53k salary boost for new Horse Racing Ireland chief

Frost says he was ‘never taken seriously’ during Brexit and NI protocol talks

Half of state-backed renewable projects are behind schedule

Glass half full: taking the measure of the minimum unit pricing initiative

Minimum unit pricing aims to reduce alcohol-related illness and death, as it has done in other countries – but its efficacy here is likely to be tested by everything from legal challenges to cross-border shopping

Can Ireland For Law sell the state as a global litigation destination?

Meet Dolf Stockhausen, the entrepreneur who says he can mature whiskey in a week and wants to do it in Ireland

Public sector changes: Rolling back the ‘free’ hours, but at what cost to the state?

‘If you’re to stay in this game, you have to be lean and mean’ – The Big Interview: Paul Connell of Pure Telecom

Dan O’Brien: Our national inferiority complex fuels the move towards angry populism

Ireland is a reasonably well-functioning country by European standards, but you wouldn’t think it to listen to the rising number of ‘failed staters’

Lucinda Creighton: Johnson’s ability to bounce back may be about to desert him, along with his party colleagues

Pat Rabbitte: It’s not ‘favouring’ austerity if you have no choice

Ian Guider: Unvaccinated staff now in the firing line of concerned businesses

John Walsh: Proposal to cut working hours has dealt public sector reform a fresh blow

Hosted Kitchens to raise €10m for overseas expansion

Dublin-based tech firm, which offers software to support pop-up delivery food service clients, aims to increase its workforce sixfold in next two years

Facebook moderators from across Europe bring first legal actions to Irish High Court

Mental health start-up Fettle aims to raise €7m in funding

Eddie Jordan gets breathing space to compile Playtech bid

The Gadget Guru: JBL Tune Wireless 255 Earbuds, Whoop 4.0 and NobaOne

Kenneth Branagh interview: ‘The ground from beneath my feet had been taken away and now I was walking on sand: if ever there was a living metaphor for instability, it was that’

Kenneth Branagh’s new film, Belfast, which covers the start of the Troubles and the effect it had on the actor as a nine-year-old boy, has been given a universally positive reception and could well put him in line for an Oscar

Rosemary MacCabe: an essay

Breaking Point: A gripping and incisively written debut that confronts every parent’s worst nightmare

It’s all in the game: The rise and rise of esports

Janis Ian interview: ‘With this album, I feel for the first time in my life that I’ve lived up to my talent’

New year deals show no winter cooling of market

Plenty of big-ticket sales items in the pipeline have prompted agents to predict that 2022 will be another good year

Editor’s Choice: A Greystones four-bed that ticks all the boxes

House of the Week: Secluded three-bed home in a sunny Dublin 14 enclave

Ask the Designer: What can I do to prepare my house for sale?

Interiors: Slow and steady wins the decorating race

Willie O’Reilly: RTE should enjoy its successful spin on the dance floor

The punters are crying out for a bit of sparkle and fun to carry us through the dark months, and Dancing With the Stars is a perfect fit

NYT’s Athletic move a big bet on future of digital subscriptions

Making It Work: Getting a taste for the finer gastropub

Motoring: iX marks the spot for BMW’s luxury electric SUV

Allergy Standards aims to set new benchmark for good air quality