Thursday October 29, 2020

More than half of Northern Ireland’s hospitals are over capacity

Five of the region’s ten ICUs are also full as Covid-19 bed occupancy continues to rise

Analysis: A world debt crisis is not imminent, despite Covid-19

How the new debt taken on by governments is used will be a key factor determining the global economic recovery from the pandemic

Analysis: Covid-19 has led some companies to better business models

The pandemic has given some firms a greater insight into where they can improve and where they can cut back. Those who use the opportunity to re-evaluate will emerge stronger in a post-Covid world

Comment: Learning to live with Covid will replace cycle of lockdowns in 2021

As governments introduce tighter restrictions in the hope of salvaging Christmas, it is becoming ever more apparent that the current approach has a shelf life

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The Last Post
Matt Cooper | 4 days ago

The Last Post: Collapse of test and trace is only latest failure of stretched HSE

The HSE has form when it comes to not doing what it is supposed to, and not communicating well about it

Marion McKeone | 4 days ago

God, guns and ganja: on the road with a second-tier Trump

After a day of listening to Eric Trump rehash family grievances and vainglorious claims of his father’s presidential achievements at mask-free rallies in Michigan, Marion McKeone finds redemption with a ten-foot-tall cannabis leaf neon sign

Ganley: 5G is most vital frontier in battle between West and China

Telecoms entrepreneur Declan Ganley predicts a revolution in 5G rollout, no matter who wins the US election

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Profiles & Interviews

The disappearance of Dingle’s famous dolphin has cast a shadow over the town and affected the livelihoods of those catering for the thousands of tourists that Fungie brought to the town

Life & Arts

In this Covid travelogue, ranging from the Black Lives Matter murals of Brooklyn to the anti-maskers of Kentucky, Johanna Gohmann takes a snapshot of life in the US one week before the most momentous presidential election in modern history

Johanna Gohmann | 24th October, 2020

Jill & Gill are becoming increasingly well known for their colourful prints and clothes that cover topical subjects and inspirational characters and, despite the latest lockdown, are upbeat about promoting the idea of supporting small and local businesses online

Tony Clayton-Lea’s musical awakening coincided with U2’s beginnings and, as they prepare to re-release their album All That You Can’t Leave Behind on its 20th anniversary, he looks back at some of the band’s most interesting creative moments

It’s a very creepy world out there, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more scary or unpredictable, along comes a podcast whose main aim is to terrify you out of your mind

This week, vet Gene Cashman advises a reader on how to help a nervous dog cope with everyday noises and events

Tech Insight

A pre-election bid by the US government to loosen the giant’s grip on the search market stinks of political motivation and is unlikely to have any major impact

Emmet Ryan | 25th October, 2020

John and Carl Lynch’s app was used by 20,000 students during the first lockdown and has been fine-tuned and updated with input from students themselves

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says the aim is to introduce the relief in 2022

VentureWave’s ‘Impact Ireland’ fund aims to build global ‘technology for good’ companies and will focus on sectors including education, healthcare and the environment

Google’s new 5G phone has the edge on Apple’s latest offering and a new toothbrush gives an exceptional clean for your pearly whites