Saturday January 25, 2020

Fine Gael launch puts tax cuts and Brexit to fore

Taoiseach has ‘shown spine’ in talks over Britain’s departure from EU, says Coveney

Martin plays up prudence at Fianna Fáil manifesto launch

Leader says party would not use all available funds but offers a 4:1 ratio of spending increases to tax cuts

Fallon & Byrne founders depart after deal with investors

Former Superquinn finance chief promises to ‘restore certainty’ as Paul Byrne and Fiona McHugh leave after 14 years

Promises on pension age are worst kind of kneejerk politics

As we continue to live longer, we cannot treat workers’ contributions as a bottomless pit to fund others’ retirement

5 hours ago
Ian Guider | 6 days ago

Brian Hayes: ‘End the ban on bankers’ bonuses, and raise TDs’ pay’

Ex-Fine Gael minister Brian Hayes says more money is needed to end the brain drain from both the banking sector and politics

Profiles & Interviews
Róisín Burke | 6 days ago

The Profile: Roma Downey’s Biblical ascent

The Touched By An Angel star is now proving to be a big hit on the other side of camera

Like it or not, as an economic power, China is here to stay

Our goal in the west should be to encourage the country’s leaders to make its economy more competitive, open and transparent

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Fast-fashion denim contributes to the destruction of the planet - but never fear, a glut of vintage and ethically conscious denim brands means you can wear the world’s favourite fabric guilt-free

Sean Jackson | 19th January, 2020

Puffed sleeves and exuberant 1980s prints mingled with louche Bianca Jagger-style 1970s elegance at the BT spring/summer 2020 show, writes Elaine Prendeville

The Wicklow native is as happy taking pictures of complete unknowns on Dollymount Strand as he is shooting some of the world’s most famous models for multimillion-dollar ad campaigns

That casually trendy music that plays in your favourite clothing shop or restaurant is not there by accident: it’s carefully selected, compiled and processed to encourage you to stay and spend

The astronaut reveals what it‘s like to view the planet from up above and why he’s convinced there will one day be an Irish person in space


28th November, 2019 | Aoife Gordon

25-26 Feb 2020, RDS Simmonscourt

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The OneLogin chief executive’s rural background instilled in him a desire to succeed that has taken him to the upper echelon of the tech world

Emmet Ryan | 19th January, 2020

Much of rural Ireland needs high-speed broadband – and quickly – in order to survive. Expect voters to bear that in mind at the ballot box on February 8

Many assumed escapees died in dangerous waters in 1962, but firm claims algorithm identifies photo taken of pair in Brazil in 1975 as authentic

Pointy helps small retailers compete with larger firms by getting their products online faster

OneLogin chose Dublin over London due to Ireland’s commitment to EU and support for businesses