Saturday July 4, 2020

Analysis: Covid-19 pandemic accelerates auto industry crisis

The closure of a Nissan plant in Barcelona is a sign of things to come for car factories

Comment: It’s time to abolish archaic commercial rates system for good

The current model of taxation penalises bricks-and-mortar businesses – we need to find a new and fairer way to fund local authorities

Analysis: Using DSS to speed up rollout will buy 5G providers time

Vodafone’s deal with Ericsson to use DSS technology should keep c

Ten key takeaways from the Central Bank bulletin

The was little to celebrate in the latest CBI report which found that economic activity remains well below pre-pandemic levels

1 day ago
Peter O'Dwyer | 6 days ago

Aer Lingus and Ryanair rubbish ‘green list’ travel plan

Ryanair says proposal to allow non-quarantine travel to and from certain countries is a distraction and wants self-isolating rules to be removed for all inbound passengers

The Last Post
Matt Cooper | 6 days ago

The Last Post: Three-party coalition can learn a lot from failures of the past

The last Fine Gael and Labour government looked backwards to restore and recreate, but this government must look forwards to a future that brings genuine change

Life in coalition: when the mudslinging has to stop

The dynamic between the three party leaders will decide how long the new government can survive

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University of Oxford research claims that Ireland is also less prepared than many European countries to exit restrictions imposed during global pandemic

Life & Arts

The construction of a temporary mortuary on the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham at the beginning of the pandemic was a frightening moment for the staff at the art museum, but it was also a time to reflect and plan for the future, which includes the gallery’s upcoming 30th anniversary

Ruth O'Connor | 28th June, 2020

Looking back is not something the veteran songwriter is interested in and, as he gets ready to release his latest album, he finds that new music continues to inspire and invigorate him

Mired in controversy, plagued by corruption and tainted by association with gangland figures, the sport of boxing continues to stagger through the mire – holding up an unflattering mirror to its own fans in the process

Eat for Ireland – literally – with our guide to some of the best food-focused staycations available around the country, now that lockdown is almost over

Beauty salons are set to reopen, but can you stand the wait for an appointment? And can professional results be achieved at home, anyhow? Our reviewing team put some of the most powerful DIY skincare treatments to the test


Turn2me is hoping to cater for those who cannot physically access counselling due to Covid-19

Róisín Burke | 28th June, 2020

Authorities in the North believe that Nearform’s technology will be more compatible than a British company’s

The search engine giant’s latest privacy moves reveal a company desperate for some good press after years of scandals

Phorest has 7,000 hair and beauty clients between Ireland, Britain, the US, Australia, Germany and Finland

Huawei‘s latest smartwatch, a smart camera for wildlife buffs and a new set of earbuds come under the microscope this week