Friday December 6, 2019

Politics has become fixated on leaders. What a shame so few are up to the task

Soundbites and an obsession with trivia are pushing our politicians further away from serious policy

Remain MPs set to outnumber Brexiteers in North, Long predicts

Alliance Party leader believes disillusionment with DUP will allow her to win back East Belfast seat she lost in 2015

Donohoe sets new targets to offset ‘inevitable’ fall in corporation tax receipts

Finance Minister aims to run budgetary surpluses and meet stricter debt targets in face of ‘clear and present danger’

Central Bank leaves mortgage rules unchanged

House prices would have risen by as much as 25 per cent more if lending restrictions had not been in place, report says

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Marion McKeone | 5 days ago

Selfie-made millionaires

The Kardashians, the family for whom the phrase ‘famous for being famous’ was made, were the forerunners of today’s influencer culture and, by monetising their very selves, have created a new kind of uber-celebrity

Aaron Rogan | 5 days ago

Why McGarry couldn’t survive Maximum damage

In the course of this decade, Niall McGarry built a successful and influential new media empire with sites such as and But it was a click-farm controversy that brought the ambitious businessman down

Government was right to block Uber – but Dublin taxis must up their game

The private ride-sharing company, which has a base in Limerick, has lost its licence to operate in London for the second time due to concerns about the safety of passengers

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Hotelier Bill Kelly joins Gillian Nelis for Plate: the Business Post food podcast


From fishing off the Antrim coast to cookbook workshops in France, these experiences are sure to please the food and wine enthusiast in your life

Gillian Nelis | 1st December, 2019

Ruth O‘Connor meets Ganni creative director Ditte Reffstrup and founder Nicolaj Reffstrup and asks them about their approach to style

Nadine O‘Regan picks a range of arts-inspired luxury gifts and stocking fillers for the culture-lover in your life

It doesn’t come cheap, but a stay at Ballyfin in Co Laois is a balm for the senses and an unforgettable experience

In the world of wine, luxury now means intimate experiences, bespoke curation and a clear conscience


28th November, 2019 | Aoife Gordon

25-26 Feb 2020, RDS Simmonscourt

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From a clothes-rental subscription service to using data to drive philanthropy, Connected meets the people set to reshape the world through tech in 2020 and beyond

Emmet Ryan | 1st December, 2019

This week‘s Gadget Guru column features the internet giant’s new gaming concept and tries out Huawei‘s new wireless headphones

Mobile tech firm to sign contracts with four more networks