Dining Out

The Bishop’s Buttery in Tipperary is a swanky special-occasion dinner stop worth every penny

The flagship restaurant at the Cashel Palace in Co Tipperary features luxury ingredients creatively presented and perfectly balanced, making it one of the finest special-occasion dinner destinations in the country

The Bishop’s Buttery, the fine-dining restaurant at the Cashel Palace hotel in Cashel, Co Tipperary, is named in tribute to the property’s original purpose as an archbishop’s palace. Picture: Michelle Chaplow

I have a friend who has what I can only describe as a pathological aversion to being alone. They grew up in a large, noisy household, so noisy that as little as half an hour without company is enough to have them crawling the walls.

They don’t even like driving on their own. I, on the other hand, headed off on a recent road trip with an empty car, a new audiobook and a spring ...