‘We’ll strike a balance between dirty delicious and refined excellence’ - Chef Dan Hannigan on what to expect from new restaurant Orwell Road

As Orwell Road opens in Rathgar, we get an exclusive early look at the new restaurant helmed by the acclaimed young chef

Dan Hannigan at Orwell Road, ‘It’s going to strike that balance between dirty delicious and refined excellence’. Picture: Fergal Phillips

The Dublin suburb of Rathgar, for all its salubriousness, is something of a culinary desert. There are a few local favourites, but nothing that really anchors the area – it's in dire need of something special. With the opening of Orwell Road this Thursday, however, it looks like the area’s culinary cred is about to increase.

Previously known as Howard’s Way, this little 26-seater restaurant has been transformed inside and out by Conor and Marc ...