One pot wonders from Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans, a former food critic and chef turned restaurateur and food activist based in Australia, shares four delicious recipes from his book The Real Food Companion, the newly revised version of his popular 2010 book that includes more than 200 recipes focused on how to ethically source, cook and eat real food. Photography by Alan Benson.

Coq au vin: the French often use a local white wine for this dish

Coq au vin

The ‘vin’ in this dish is wine, and while most Anglicised recipes use red, I prefer white. According to The Art of Eating, an insightful quarterly publication from the US, the French actually use their local wine for this dish — so in Alsace, for example, it would be coq au riesling. Australian chardonnay and semillon can be a bit too woody, so use lighter examples or riesling.

Ingredients, serves 4

80g ...