Dining Out

A Rare jewel in Kinsale’s culinary crown, Meeran Manzoor’s menu is Michelin-worthy

Classical French cookery techniques, local Irish ingredients and traditional Chennai flavours combined to deliver a meal like no other in Kinsale’s Blue Haven

Rare Restaurant in Kinsale: chef Meeran Manzoor combines flavours and concepts to create dishes that shine with ingenuity. Picture: Miki Barlok

Blue Haven, a boutique hotel in the heart of Kinsale, appears to be the kind of place where you’ll enjoy a cosy stay, a good pint and some hearty food. It doesn’t initially give off the impression that there is a fine-dining, Michelin-worthy restaurant tucked away within its walls, but on a recent visit I discovered that Rare restaurant is a wonderful addition to this tourist town.

Fitted out in deep jewel tones, Rare features ...