Dining Out

Restaurant review: Duck into this family-owned Meath hotel for a top notch Sunday lunch

At the Station House Hotel in Kilmessan there are no gimmicks or faff, just great produce that is allowed to shine

The Signal restaurant at the Station House: there’s an impressive list of food suppliers listed on the menu

The Signal restaurant at the Station House Hotel,

Kilmessan, Co Meath

046-9025239, stationhousehotel.ie

Chef: Gordon Mooney

This has not been an easy review to write, and not because I didn’t have a good experience at the Station House. Quite the opposite, in fact; I had a great experience at this family-owned hotel in Meath.

But as a native of Louth, giving any sort of praise to the Royal County – or Despicable Meath, as we ...