Chef’s Table: A sweet start to the new year

These delicious desserts come from Brian and Tara Beattie, the couple behind catering company The Caterers, who are known for their passion for seasonal, local ingredients and dedication to restaurant-quality food. For more information, go to

Afternoon pudding: simple yet sublime

Afternoon pudding

It’s hard to please everyone, but this comforting and homely dessert really fits the bill with its simple yet sublime flavours. This also works well as a decadent brunch dish.

Ingredients, serves 4

For the cake

700g self-raising flour

500g caster sugar

500g soft butter

8 eggs

For the batter

12 eggs

200ml cream

2 vanilla pods

40g good vanilla extract

200g icing sugar

For the fruit

60ml water

30g caster sugar

280g ...