Chef Gaz Smith pauses Little Mike’s restaurant, offers space to new team

While Smith pauses the Mount Merrion restaurant, chef Derek Kelly, formerly of Carton House, has sublet the property to open his own restaurant, Esther’s.

Gaz Smith has sublet the property to Derek Kelly, formerly head chef at Kathleen’s Kitchen at Carton House, who reopened Little Mike’s as Esther’s this week

Chef Gaz Smith has paused business at Little Mike’s in order to focus on his two other premises, Big Mike’s in Blackrock and Micheal’s in Mount Merrion. Little Mike’s, which opened two doors down from Michael’s in 2019, has been temporarily closed since the Covid-19 lockdowns while Smith and his team developed the other two businesses - now, he has decided to fully put a stop operations at Little Mike’s for the time being.

Although ...