Cathal McBride on wine: Roscommon’s wine geese at the top of their game in Catalonia

Diga Montsant, from a single vineyard site farmed organically by John and Joan Gallagher, makes a delicious pairing with earthy venison and wild boar

Joan and John Gallagher moved from Roscommon to Spain and now produce wine after buying and restoring an abandoned vineyard. Picture: RTÉ

Like wine, game offers a whisper of the terroir it has come from. Some years back I was gifted wild ducks and, imbued with a marked salinity from their seafaring ways, along with a berry-filled and earthy character from their diet, they told a story of their existence. From the huge variety of game birds like wild duck, pheasant and goose to the rich earthy meat of venison, the sphere of flavours across this category ...