Restaurant Review

Jordan Mooney on Crackbrgr: ‘I ate much better food in a cheap, all-inclusive hotel in Santa Ponsa’

Its menu was full of weird and wonderful names, but the newly opened Crackbrgr in Temple Bar dished up a contender for my worst meal of the year

Crackbrgr, Temple Bar: An uninformative menu, bland dishes, a lack of gluten-free burger buns and absence of any dessert made for disappointing dining. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Crackbrgr opened in Temple Bar in Dublin last month to much confusion. Were restaurateur Joe Macken’s Crackbird and Jo’Burger back for good? Sadly, they were not. Crackbrgr is owned by Macken’s former business partner John Roberts, and Macken has described the new venture as Roberts trying to “Frankenstein” the old restaurants “back to life”.

I found myself outside Crackbrgr, which is located in the space formerly occupied by Leon, with two companions on a busy ...