Eat like a Greek with recipes for chicken gyros and halloumi souvlaki

Try these two recipes from Eat Like A Greek, the new cookbook from Tim Vasilakis of The Athenian, the award-winning chain of Greek food stalls in London

Chicken gyros: serve them in a warm pita with sauce, fries and salad. Picture: Haarala Hamilton.

Chicken gyros

Traditionally, the meat for gyros is cooked on a vertical rotisserie and then carved very thinly before adding to warm pita with sauce, fries and salad. It’s easy to recreate this at home if you follow our recipe. Although it takes a while to cook, the hands-on time is minimal.

Ingredients, serves four

4 boned, skinless chicken thighs

1 boned chicken thigh, skin on

Half a white onion

4 pita breads

8–12 tbsp ...