Dining Out

Restaurant review: Don’t rule out a Michelin star for this taste of heaven in Dublin

Tasting menus may have fallen out of favour with some, but D’Olier Street hits the sweet spot with perfectly balanced dishes, great service and a relaxed atmosphere

D’Olier Street: A bright, high-ceilinged space which opened last year. Picture: Fergal Phillips

D’Olier Street,

D’Olier Chambers, Dublin 2,

01-9020720, dolierstreetrestaurant.com

Chef: James Moore

“It might be early, but this is my dessert of the year,” my companion remarks as she delicately spoons through a bowl of pavlova with strawberry ice cream, rhubarb granita, and a strawberry rose consommé. I silently nod, too busy devouring my own portion to respond verbally.

It is the work of Mina Pizarro, the pastry chef at D’Olier Street, a bright, high-ceilinged space ...