Jordan Mooney on dining out: A tasting menu to travel for

Margadh RHA on Ely Place offers one of the most well-curated and well-priced tasting menus on offer in the capital

Margadh at the RHA in Dublin 2 has managed to master the art of both small plates and reasonably priced tasting menus in a way that would make even the most possessive diner willing to hand over some morsels in a fair exchange. Picture: Fergal Phillips

While I love wine bars and sharing plates, they’re a curious addition to our dining scene, as Irish people inherently don’t seem to want to share their plates. We order what we want and scoff it without fighting off our fellow diners. It’s a big part of why, I believe, that many tapas-style restaurants, with some notable exceptions, haven’t been hugely successful here: Irish people just don’t like to share.

Luckily, Margadh at the Royal ...