Dining Out

Ballsbridge’s new temple of deliciousness knocks it out of the Park

Richard Corrigan’s cosy Dublin eatery offers quality food largely sourced from the farm on his Cavan estate, accompanied by a modern wine list categorised under helpful headings

Richard Corrigan’s new restaurant The Park Cafe in Ballsbridge: a mix of leather booths and velvet chairs. Picture: Fergal Phillips

A message arrives on himself’s phone as we prepare to tuck into our main course at the Park Café. It’s from a friend who’s wondering where we are, and when we tell him we’re at Richard Corrigan’s new place in Dublin, he replies: “Ah. The butter guy.”

The what now? “The guy whose recipes use all the butter,” he replies. “Cup of tea? Block of butter. Pasta? Ton of butter. A fresh apple? Butter it. ...