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Steaking their claim: Huw Gott and Will Beckett on bringing Hawksmoor to Dublin

As they prepare to open their first Irish restaurant on College Green in Dublin city centre, the steak chain co-founders talk business, expansion, and how they’ve kept their friendship intact

Huw Gott (left) and Will Beckett of Hawksmoor: “We trust each other and we don’t feel the need to interfere or look over each other’s shoulders.”

On a sunny Monday morning in London, Will Beckett is learning something new about the Canary Wharf branch of Hawksmoor, the steak restaurant chain he co-founded in 2006. “I didn’t even realise that door opened,” he says as he welcomes me inside.

I’ve managed to entirely miss the main entrance to this, Hawksmoor’s youngest London restaurant, and somehow ended up at a back door. But as Beckett says, at least now he knows it works.