Same Again by Food&Wine

Bonus episode of Same Again by Food&Wine with Cloud Picker is now live

This bonus episode features Peter Sztal and Frank Kavanagh, founders of Cloud Picker, chatting about their favourite takeaway, Polish food, and Frank’s love of Weetabix. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and everywhere else you get your podcasts

Frank Kavanagh and Peter Sztal from Cloud Picker Coffee are today’s guests on the Same Again podcast

Hosted by Jordan Mooney, season one of Same Again by Food&Wine, brought to you in association with Cloud Picker Coffee, saw special guests like chef Dan Hannigan, TV personalities Fionnuala Jones, comedian Michael Fry, Alex O’Neill and Richie Castillo of Bahay, and more. Last week’s bonus episode featured businesswoman and podcast host Vogue Williams.

This second bonus episode, our last of season one, features Peter Sztal and Frank Kavanagh from Cloud Picker Coffee, the sponsors of Same Again. Joining host Jordan Mooney at F&W HQ to discuss their lives through food and drink, as well as their coffee company, which was Dublin’s first speciality micro-roastery.#

In this episode you’ll hear all about the couple’s love for travel, Peter’s childhood in Poland, and Frank’s defence of Weetabix with jam on top. Listen to the full episode below or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever else you get your podcasts- make sure to like, subscribe and review.

Same Again, where food and drink is at the centre of the conversation, is brought to you in association with Cloud Picker Coffee, see for more information on this brilliant Irish company.

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Produced and hosted by Jordan Mooney, engineered by Carolyn Goulden, artwork by Emma Sutton.