Podcast: Five Degrees of Change — Michael E Mann

Michael E Mann, one of the world's best known climate scientists, gives his Five Degrees of Change for a better relationship with the planet.

Daniel Murray

Political Correspondent @danieltmurray
26th April, 2021
Podcast: Five Degrees of Change — Michael E Mann

Michael explains why he has taken to the front line of the climate war, and how the forces of "inaction" are changing their tactics from outright climate denial, to deception, distraction and doom mongering.

You can also read Mann‘s interview here.

Episode 1: Frans Timmerman, EU Commissioner for the European Green Deal

Episode 2: David Connolly, ceo of Wind Energy Ireland

Episode 3: Marie Donnelly, chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council

Episode 4: Richard Bruton, former Minister for the Environment

Episode 5: Eamon Ryan, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications

Episode 6: Sinead Mercier, lecturer in the Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice at Maynooth University

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