Make yourself at home: turn your house into a haven of hospitality

If you want to plan one last get-together (distanced, of course) with family and friends before the good weather fades away, then take note of this comprehensive guide to planning the perfect summer party

Andrew Rudd of ‘You don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove while your friends are there, so try to get as much stuff done in advance as possible.’ Picture: Marc O’Sullivan

We have been confined to base for a year and a half – and now, at last, restaurants and bars are open again. But while for many people this is reason to rejoice, some are still fearful of mixing in busy places, while others do not have the necessary paperwork (the Covid-19 Vaccination Card) to gain entry into the bright and buzzy world we have all craved for so long.

However, all is not lost. ...