Cathal McBride: Heat is on to find wines that can deal with climate change

Higher temperatures can lead to problems in the grapes like excessive alcohol levels, so the industry is responding by reintroducing varietals that can cope with the hotter climate

Dick Boushey, owner of Boushey Vineyards in the Yakima Valley, Washington: changes in temperature and water availability are affecting the type of grapes that can be grown in the vineyards. Picture: Crosscut

Wine, just like fashion or art, is subject to trends. Instead of being stylistic choices, however, many movements within the vinicultural world are the result of environmental factors, market demands or simply a need to survive. With all of these in mind, what will 2023 bring for wine lovers?

Climate change remains an issue for the wine industry as much as any other area of agriculture. Heat is an integral part of bringing grapes to ...