Take Three: Summer dining experiences to mark the season

Lakeside picnics, Champagne in the city, and country house feasts are all on the menu around the country

The Lodge at Ashford Castle offers a summertime picnic menu offering a basket, utensils, a blanket and plenty of locally sourced artisan food – and you can set off on foot or by bike to choose your own picnic spot

Picnics on the Ashford Castle estate

Burren Smokehouse salmon on fresh sourdough bread, artisan meats and cheeses from local producers, and lemon curd tartlets all feature on this summer’s picnic menu at The Lodge at Ashford Castle in Cong.

Grab a wicker basket equipped with a blanket, utensils and drinkware, as well as all that lovely food, then set off by foot or bike around the 350-acre estate to find your perfect picnic spot. Priced ...