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Our picks for a deluxe feast this Easter

Get ready to Go Full Lidl with these perfect Easter picks. Partner content with Lidl.

Go Full Lidl this Easter with the award-winning Deluxe range at Lidl

Are you ready for Easter? Believe it or not, it’s not too far away as Easter Sunday will fall on March 31 this year. In the midst of planning for the kids’ school holidays and worrying about whether you’ve secured enough chocolate eggs, you might have let Easter dinner slip your mind, but not to worry– there is a delicious range of products available in store at your local Lidl store that will please everyone around your table.

The Deluxe range at Lidl offers a selection of premium products at accessible prices, with each of the highest quality and full of flavour. All meats from the Deluxe range are Bord Bia Quality assured and produced in Ireland, so you know exactly what you’re serving for dinner.

We’ve rounded up some of our top picks here to help you Go Full Lidl this Easter.

The wide selection of lamb available from the Deluxe range at Lidl is all Bord Bia Quality Assured and produced in Ireland

Deluxe Boned and Rolled Lamb Leg

Only €15.99, available in store now

It’s a classic for a reason - lamb is a quintessential Easter main course. This boned and rolled lamb leg is produced in Co Waterford and won gold at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards in 2022, so you know that you’ll be serving something of the utmost quality. Available stuffed or plain, this will work perfectly as the centrepiece of your Easter dinner - make sure to pick up a jar of Batts Mint Sauce (69c) for the classic lamb and mint flavour pairing.

Deluxe Irish Stuffed Carvery Leg of Lamb

€17.99 per kg, available in store now

Leg of lamb is ideal for an Easter feast and it works beautifully with all of the trimmings. Produced in Co Wexford, this stuffed leg of lamb won one star at the 2021 Great Taste Awards and gold at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards in the same year. For a perfect finish, make sure to rest the meat for about 15 minutes or so before carving, as this will help to keep in all the juices for a tender result. If you’re in the mood for a glass of wine with your lamb, try the Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2021 (€18.99) for a young wine with good depth of flavour.

Photo by Ryan Ball

Deluxe Irish Angus Chateaubriand

€34.99 each, available from March 21

Available with garlic or red wine jus, this award-winning chateaubriand is produced in Co Cavan - it took home silver at the 2023 Blas na hÉireann awards and one star at the Great Taste awards in 2022. Aged for 32 days, this 100 per cent Irish chateaubriand is a delicately flavoured piece of meat cut from the beef tenderloin. It’s very lean so it’s best to let it rest well before serving it medium at most. Horseradish sauce is a classic accompaniment for beef, so make sure to pick up a jar of Batts Horseradish Sauce (69c) to complete your Easter feast.

Photo by Ryan Ball

Deluxe Irish Angus 2 Rib Roast On The Bone

€16.99 per kg, available in store now

Another award-winner, this Deluxe Irish Angus 2 Rib Roast On The Bone won three stars at last year’s Great Taste awards. Matured for 28 days, this bone-in cut will be the crowning centrepiece of any Easter feast and is sure to impress your guests - carve it tableside for an extra touch. Try it with the Chianti Riserva 2019 (€10.99), which is a blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes, for a perfect pairing.

Photo by Ryan Ball

Deluxe Dry Cure Half Horseshoe Ham Joint

€19.99, available in store now

Produced in Co Tipperary, this dry cure ham is available unsmoked or smoked with cherrywood for a delicate layer of additional flavour. It won two stars at last year’s Great Taste awards and took home gold at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards in 2022. As delicious as this ham will be during your Easter dinner, it will taste just as good cold and will make for perfect ham sandwiches - try it with some Batts Mustard (75c, Dijon or wholegrain) for an additional savoury note.

Fresh Irish Whole Duckling

€8.99, available in store now

Produced by award-winning Silver Hill Foods in Co Monaghan, this whole duckling won two stars at the Great Taste awards last year. Incredibly versatile, duck works so well with flavours like sage, orange, plum and thyme, so you can experiment to your heart’s content in the kitchen this Easter. Try it with a bottle of Altozano verdejo sauvignon blanc (€11.99) for a fresh, refreshing wine pairing.

Deluxe Fresh Irish Turkey Crown

From €19.99, available March 26

If you’re planning to keep things traditional this Easter, then a turkey crown is a wonderful option. It’s easy to cook and serve, plus the leftovers will keep well for sandwiches, curries and more. Try it with the Deluxe Cornbread, Sage and Onion Stuffing from Co Down (€3.29, silver award at the 2021 Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards), Deluxe Honey and Mustard Parsnips (€3.49, gold award at the 2022 Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards) and the Deluxe Seasonal Gravy (€1.99), which won gold at the 2022 Blas na hÉireann awards, for the ultimate Easter feast.

Photo by Ryan Ball

Deluxe Salmon Side Whole With Lemon & Dill

€11.99, available March 25

If you’d rather a seafood centrepiece this Easter, the Deluxe Salmon Side is the way to go. It’s perfectly prepared, meaning you’ll only have to pop it into the oven then serve. The combination of lemon and dill will bring a lovely freshness to your meal, while the Deluxe Tartare Sauce (95c) would act as a deliciously traditional accompaniment.

Lidl has got you covered for your Easter feast essentials this year, so head to your local store now to Go Full Lidl this Easter. With its range of Irish-produced Bord Bia Quality assured meats and award-winning products, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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