Making it Work

JustTip targets €5m funding to tap into UK hospitality market

The fintech, which is based in TU Dublin, aims to become the de facto tipping software across Europe

JustTip co-founders James Fahy and Ciara Walsh: ‘Being able to manage staff tips better makes it easier for hospitality businesses to retain staff.’ Picture: Julian Behal

JustTip, a Dublin-based fintech, aims to raise up to €5 million when it seeks its pre-seed round of funding later this year.

JustTip was founded by Ciara Walsh and James Fahy in 2021. The business is based in TU Dublin and has 14 staff. To date, it has raised funding of €1 million. The company provides a way to better manage the tipping process digitally as fewer transactions are conducted through cash these days.

“It’s a contactless platform. Users can leave a tip just by tapping their card. We pay directly to staff members once a week. We do all the admin for the businesses we work with,” Walsh told the Business Post.