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Troy Maguire of L'Gueuleton queue fame cooks up the classics at O’Neill’s pub

The no-bookings policy at the French bistro on Fade Street made tables highly sought after among mid-noughties diners in Dublin

Troy Maguire: the former L'Gueuleton chef is now at O’Neill’s pub in Dublin city centre. Picture: Claire Byrne

Troy Maguire, whose cooking at L'Gueuleton in Dublin in the mid-noughties had “critics, punters and rock stars” queuing round the block, is the new executive chef at O’Neill’s, the Victorian pub and townhouse on Pearse Street.

Long queues were the norm at L'Gueuleton, which had a no-bookings policy, and served up French bistro dishes like steak frites, black pudding and apple tarte tatin, and rum baba.

“There were times during those heady days when Maguire ...