Gillian Nelis on dining out: At Stove in Belfast, chef Simon Toye packs flavour into his classic dishes

Garlic mushrooms, cheese soufflé, pot-roast chicken and frangipane tart are just some of the comforting options at this Ormeau Road bistro

Stove in Belfast: ‘the atmosphere was as upbeat as you’d expect from a roomful of people who were eating very well’

Some sentences are guaranteed to bring me out in a cold sweat. “We’re going to see a musical,” is one. “It’s fusion cuisine,” is another. And then there’s “snow is forecast for Northern Ireland”.

I seem to transform into a snow magnet – a kind of one woman weather front – when I cross the border, and I’ve had more than a few hairy moments on the roads as a result.

It looked like I ...