Oisin Davis on spirits: Why you need to try one of these superb Japanese whiskies

The venerable Suntory distillery is most famous for its Mizunara oak-aged whiskies, which are complex and otherworldly

Zoran Peric, international brand ambassador for Suntory whisky. ‘We have discovered that if you use Mizunara oak for extended ageing, over 15 or more years, you can extract truly unique and deeply complex aromas, like sandalwood, temple incense and cedar’

Anyone who has visited Japan will have seen the mindful yet humble way people strive to continuously refine their craft.

It is apparent in the studious and meticulous way sushi chefs conduct themselves in their kitchen. You can also see it in bartenders as they hand-carve ice blocks for individual drink serves.

I now know that it is also a philosophy that Japanese whisky makers adhere to. At a recent Suntory whisky tasting in Dublin ...