My Story So Far

‘Stick to your principles and don’t be afraid to defend them’ – Peter Horgan, Grayling Properties

The managing director of Grayling Properties believes in waiting for the right investment opportunities and avoiding the pressure to follow the crowd

Peter Horgan, co-founder of Grayling Properties: ‘During the financial crisis in Ireland, we learned the cost of taking on too much risk.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Peter Horgan is managing director of Grayling Properties, the fully integrated Irish property operating platform. Having started his career in stockbroking and investment advice, he set up Grayling with Tim Cahill in 2017. The firm is based in Dublin.

I studied finance at UCC and then I started my career as an equity analyst with Goodbody, where I worked for seven years. From there I moved to Davy, where I stayed for another seven years.