How I work: ‘Not everyone needs to be a challenger or a disruptor to be effective’

Grant Thornton Ireland’s Sinéad Donovan says different people bring different strengths to every team, and diversity is key to avoiding ‘groupthink’

Sinéad Donovan, chairwoman at Grant Thornton Irelnad: ‘There is a way of navigating the politics around you while also maintaining your values and your true colours.’ Photo: Fergal Phillips

Sinéad Donovan is the newly appointed chair at Grant Thornton Ireland. She joined the accountancy and business advisory firm in 2002. She was made a partner in 2005 and co-founded its financial accounting and advisory services division five years later. Donovan is also vice-president of Chartered Accountants Ireland. Grant Thornton employs 1,450 people at seven offices in Ireland.

When I became a partner at Grant Thornton back in 2005, I was really feeling the pressure. ...