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Sligo brewery hopes subscription beer deal will lead to more export sales

The White Hag is partnering with the British subscription service Beer52 to deliver a range of beers to its customers

Bob Coggins and Brian McTernan, co-founders of the White Hag brewery in Co Sligo, have signed a deal with Beer52 to have its beer shipped to 80,000 people across Britain. Picture: James Connolly

The White Hag, a brewery based in Ballymote, Co Sligo, has secured a deal to have its beers shipped directly to 80,000 people across Britain.

The deal with Beer52, a subscription service, involves a once-off shipping of eight beers that are being featured at the White Hag’s Hagstravaganza festival, which takes place on August 6.

“We’re reaching an audience that is already into beer and open to new beers and new styles. They are also familiar with e-commerce. There’s an opportunity for us to reopen our e-commerce channels to these consumers,” Bob Coggins, co-founder and commercial director of the White Hag, told the Business Post.