This Working Life: ‘It’s important to be yourself and show off your skills – it also makes it harder for the less deserving to take the credit’ – Tommy Kearns, chief executive, Xtremepush

The best companies allow people to achieve while leaving room for mistakes and growth

Tommy Kearns, chief executive of Xtremepush: ‘Always try to do the right thing. Speak up when there’s a problem, do right by your people and your clients.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Tommy Kearns is the chief executive of Xtremepush, the multi channel engagement, analytics and marketing automation platform. He was the managing director of Imobile Applications, a technology developer and publisher, and played professional rugby with Connacht.

My career hasn’t followed what you’d call a typical trajectory. I was a professional rugby player at Connacht Rugby before I moved into the digital space. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years for various mobile tech ...