Fianna Fáil TD accuses Eamon Ryan of sitting on power supply crisis report for six months

Barry Cowen says the state ‘keeps failing the public on security of energy supply, costs and strategy’

Barry Cowen, Fianna Fáil TD: “That report I’m told was given to Minister Eamon Ryan last February and has remained in his office ever since without ever being published." Picture: Gareth Chaney Collins

Barry Cowen has accused Eamon Ryan of sitting on a crucial report into Ireland’s electricity supply crisis for six months.

The Fianna Fáil TD’s intervention comes after the Business Post reported that some of the emergency power generators, which were meant to plug the emerging power supply gap, may not be in place in time for this winter, leading to serious concerns about Ireland’s power supply.

Last year, this newspaper revealed that Dermot McCarthy, who ...