Podcast: the Hazel Chu interview on #HowIDidIt

Dublin‘s Lord Mayor joins the podcast to discuss her attitude to leadership, adversity and career progression

Hazel Chu, Lord Mayor of Dublin, joins Nadine O'Regan for the new episode of the Business Post‘s women in leadership podcast series.

In this engaging conversation, Chu tells of growing up in Dublin, and how, in June 2020, she became the ninth woman and the first person of colour to become Lord Mayor of Dublin. As well as offering her story, she also provides advice on mentorship, managing sexist attitudes and adapting to new challenges.

“As a girl, when you're ambitious, people will tend to go, 'Oh, you shouldn't step out of line', or 'You shouldn't be too ambitious', or 'You should try to rein it back',” she says.“ But I was lucky. I grew up in a household where my immigrant parents worked two jobs and strived to do as much as they could to get by and put me through education.”

Listen to the episode now. New episodes in the series are released weekly.

Episodes 1 and 2 feature Minister Catherine Martin and Anne O'Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland. Extracts from the first three interviews in the series are also open access here.

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