Naoise Dolan: ‘I’m told I’m stubborn, but I’ll be six feet under before I admit it‘

In an essay for the Business Post Magazine, the author recognises her mother in herself, remembers her grandmother and calls for a minute’s silence for all stubborn people

Naoise Dolan, author: ‘My mother’s way and mine aren’t better or worse than one another, just different.‘ Photo: Maura Hickey

Each year I look more like my mother. When I check my make-up in my phone’s camera, my face shows the triangles I see in hers: peaked lips, wide cheekbones, arched eyebrows.

The similarities seem obvious, but that’s because I’m looking for them. In bare aesthetic terms, I take more from my father’s side, while my mannerisms are where I mimic my mother.

She and I are anxious to say the right thing. We gesticulate ...