Podcast: Five Degrees of Change — Richard Bruton

Daniel Murray is joined by the former Minister for the Environment who talks about reducing waste, creating carbon credits for better land use and using zero fossil fuels in his travel

Following the last general election, the strained arithmetic of a three-way coalition between Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party meant Richard Bruton lost out on a cabinet seat, despite being broadly recognised as having led an energetic reform agenda at the Department of the Environment over his term in office.

His Climate Action Plan represented a sea change in Irish climate policy and will serve as the framework for Irish climate action in years to come. In this episode, Bruton gives his five degrees of change for a greener world.

You can read an extract from the interview here.

Episode 1: Frans Timmerman, EU Commissioner for the European Green Deal

Episode 2: David Connolly, CEO of Wind Energy Ireland

Episode 3: Marie Donnelly, Chair of the Climate Change Advisory Council

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