The Unusual Suspect: Tale of a latter-day Robin Hood’s doomed crime caper

Books Brendan Daly 3 days ago

The Dark Room: A west Cork thriller with twists, turns and things that go bump in the night

Books John Walshe 3 days ago

Neil Jordan interview: Perspectives on fortune and freedom

Books Niamh Donnelly 4 days ago

Life Sentences: O’Callaghan’s powerful prose captures the ebb and flow of a family’s fortunes

Books John Walshe 4 days ago

How Britain Ends: A well-argued look at how Brexit is leading towards ‘home rule all round’

Books Andrew Lynch 6 days ago

Above Water: Surviving the onslaught of a serial sexual predator

Books John Walshe 1 week ago

Back to the future: Mark O’Connell interview

Books Alex Meehan 1 week ago

Walk the line: Colum McCann on the beauty of our own limitations

Books Colum McCann 1 week ago

Ten Days: A story set within the fog of the cruellest disease

Books Andrea Cleary 1 week ago

Fall: Portrait of a monster who made the media bend to his will

Books Andrew Lynch 1 week ago

Danielle McLaughlin interview: Slow and steady wins the race

Books Niamh Donnelly 1 week ago

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: A tycoon has his say on the other existential crisis of our age

Books Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Words to Shape My Name: A swashbuckling adventure story that tells a few political truths

Books John Walshe 2 weeks ago

Let Love Rule: Showbiz memoir follows a well-worn path

Books Nadine O’Regan 2 weeks ago

Hidden Lies: A debut Irish thriller is a qualified success

Books Andrea Cleary 2 weeks ago

Kamala’s Way: In-depth biography struggles to find the real Harris

Books Andrew Lynch 2 weeks ago

Parnell and His Times: Sprawling anthology makes no effort to pin down its subject

Books Andrew Lynch 3 weeks ago

The Marvel Universe: Origin Stories: A cancelled satire finally sees the light of day

Books Rory Kiberd 3 weeks ago

The Push: Motherhood rendered as a horror story rather than a fairytale

Books Andrea Cleary 3 weeks ago