Consumed: A Sister’s Story: An unflinching portrayal of sibling rivalry and regret

Books Brendan Daly 2 weeks ago

The Troubles with Us: A warm and funny memoir captures Belfast and its many eccentricities

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A Shock: Parallel worlds collide in entertainingly experimental tale

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Children’s books to take you to new and exciting worlds

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The Irish Assassins: Retelling of Phoenix Park murders a compelling blend of political history and true crime

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Paul Howard: The secrets of writing a children’s bestseller

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Interview: novelist Meg Mason on writer’s block and attracting Hollywood’s attention

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Listening Still: Story of undertaker with supernatural gift imbued with tender humour

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Last Days in Cleaver Square: Time, memory and ghosts mingle in masterful soldier’s story

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The Anthropocene Reviewed: Deeply researched, quirkily personal essays on the wonder and worry of human life

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Northern Protestants, On Shifting Ground: Gruelling but important book shares first-person voices from today’s North

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The Middle East Crisis Factory: Why the struggle for democracy will eventually be won

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I Couldn’t Love You More: A powerful novel that explores the love between mothers and daughters in a cruel society

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The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock: New biography reveals the many faces of cinema’s greatest auteur of the thriller

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Whereabouts: A near-plotless story leaves an unforgettable aftertaste

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Snowflake: Millennial life in all its mystery, mysticism and wonder

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A Dangerous Visionary: A tycoon looks back at an illustrious and groundbreaking life in business

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Ballymacandy: Fascinating history of a Kerry ambush and what went unspoken

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Elinor Cleghorn: ‘Every single woman I know, when I said I was writing this book, had their own story’

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Walk the line with Laurie Woolever

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