Real Estate: Levy’s story of the self is playful, defiant and courageous

Books Niamh Donnelly 1 week ago

The Partition: Still no meeting of minds 100 years on from the foundation of Northern Ireland

Books Andrew Lynch 1 week ago

The Rules of Revelation: A vividly drawn portrayal of contemporary society

Books Leagues O'Toole 1 week ago

Walk the Line: Lisa McInerney on crafting characters

Books Brenda McCormick 1 week ago

The Beauty of Impossible Things: Mysterious events cast a long shadow over a lonely teenager’s summer

Books Andrea Cleary 1 week ago

The best books for summer

Books Nadine O’Regan 1 week ago

Book extract: Undisruptable: A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life

Books Aidan McCullen 2 weeks ago

The Barbizon: The Manhattan hotel that allowed women to follow their dreams

Books Anna Carey 2 weeks ago

Lean Fall Stand: A pulsating thriller mixes several styles to gripping effect

Books John Walshe 2 weeks ago

Reclaiming the European Street: A president’s clarion call to work towards a better tomorrow

Books Andrew Lynch 2 weeks ago

Spooked: The men and women paid by the super-wealthy to bury the evidence

Books Brendan Daly 2 weeks ago

Boys Don’t Cry: An assured fiction debut told with skill and empathy

Books Leagues O'Toole 3 weeks ago

New Yorkers: The restless rhythms and strident voices of the Big Apple

Books Brendan Daly 3 weeks ago

Political Purgatory: Giving Stormont one last chance to get on the right side of history

Books Andrew Lynch 3 weeks ago

Everybody: History of the human form is fascinating and frightening

Books Andrea Cleary 3 weeks ago

Zeitgeist: Finding the write track in later life

Books Mary McGill 3 weeks ago

The Ministry of Bodies: Looking back in anger at medical misbehaviour

Books Brendan Daly 4 weeks ago

Nora Barnacle’s lust for life shines through in O’Connor’s story of love and literature

Books John Walshe 4 weeks ago

Book extract: The Science of Happiness

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White City: A middle-class anti-hero gets his comeuppance served cold

Books John Walshe 4 weeks ago