Woodie’s helping imaginations to Bloom this summer

The DIY giant’s gardening expert Brian Burke has designed the Seomra Eile garden, which looks likely to be one of the most eye-catching attractions at Bloom in the Park 2022

Brian Burke, award-winning landscape contractor and Woodie’s gardening expert, in his Seomra Eile garden at Bloom 2022. Picture: Brian McEvoy

If the gloomy clouds of the pandemic offered any silver linings, it was for gardeners both budding and accomplished, who found the time otherwise swiped by a myriad of other activities and excuses to let their creative side blossom in their outdoor spaces.

For some people, successive enforced lockdowns forced them into their garden or balcony space where they started gardening for the first time. For others, gardening became their refuge, a sanctuary from the ...