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Why professionals should think long and hard about accepting a counter offer

However flattering it is for an employee to be presented with a counter offer, playing one employer off against another should be avoided at all costs

Some 66 per cent of employees would be tempted to stay in their current role if made a counter offer with increased pay or improved benefits. However, it has been proven that 80 per cent of people will leave within six to 12 months of accepting a counter offer

Joanne Foley, is the regional recruitment manager of Matrix Recruitment.

In the last 12 months, 76 per cent of our clients at Matrix Recruitment have reported a notable increase in the number of candidates lost to counter offers following an official offer being made.

In another poll, this time on LinkedIn Poll, we asked job-seeking professionals their views on counter offers. We found that 66 per cent of them would be tempted to stay in ...