This Working Life

‘Never be afraid to ask questions and seek help when you need it’ – Ruth Irwin,

In business there are ups and downs but it is important not to over-complicate things, instead take one step at a time, do one thing right and then move on to the next task, says Ruth Irwin of

Ruth Irwin, founder, ‘If you believe in what you sell and what you are doing, it helps in creating a long-term impression in people’s minds.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Ruth Irwin is the founder of, an online health and beauty store, which she established in 2019. After college she worked as a self-employed sports massage therapist, then in the health food store sector. She stepped back from that to raise her three sons before starting her own business

I started because I wanted to incorporate my own knowledge about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle into a business.

My three boys were ...