Maxed out: Why Ireland is at the centre of a ‘Kafkaesque’ row over your data

Activist Max Schrems has accused Helen Dixon of failing to hold Big Tech to account over the handling of EU citizens’ data. But the Data Protection Commissioner insists that her office is taking action

Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin: the tech giant’s data gathering practices have led to concerns over citizens’ privacy rights both in Europe and the US Pic: Bloomberg

Max Schrems bought a copy of Franz Kafka’s The Trial a couple of years after he began his crusade against how technology giants harvest and transfer the personal data of users around the globe. It was a prescient choice.

Schrems’ first complaint to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) about Facebook’s handling of European citizens’ data was in 2011 and he has been tied up with the office since.

Almost a decade on, the 33-year-old ...