How I work: ‘Remember, you can do a good job without being hard on yourself’

‘Do your best and you can do no more’ is a motto that has served LetsGetChecked’s Susan O’Sullivan well in her work and in life

Dr Susan O' Sullivan of Let’s Get Checked: ‘If I don’t succeed at something, once I have done my best, I’m happy with that – and hopefully I’ve learned something along the way.’ Picture: John Allen

Susan O’Sullivan is director of clinical experience at LetsGetChecked. The 30-year-old studied science and medicine at UCC. Following her graduation in 2017, she worked for a year as a junior doctor with the HSE before joining LetsGetChecked, initially as a medical writer and researcher. The Irish-owned health screening and testing company was founded in 2014. It raised $71 million last year, employs 443 people and has plans to create a further 210 jobs this year.