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This week: State finally admits housing targets inadequate: firms face spiking water bills

We’ve a packed edition today that also includes another rare insight into the inner workings of Ireland’s law firms

Dear reader,

In the week in which Irish ministers and business leaders decamp to different countries around the world to celebrate St Patrick's Day, our team has followed them to DC, London, Paris and Brussels.

The value of Ireland's soft power was in full force as the issue of Gaza was raised in the Oval Office and Northern Ireland's newfound stability was celebrated on Capitol Hill.

Speaking of DC, our US correspondent Marion McKeone sat down with Nancy Pelosi for a wide-ranging exclusive interview.

Closer to home, there is the issue of housing and the need for the government to increase its target to 50,000 new builds a year. But the reality is becoming increasingly apparent that it will not be possible to do so without a significant injection of international capital or an unprecedent intervention from the state. Eoin O'Hare has the story and an analysis of the conundrum.

Catherine Sanz has another exposé of the toxic work culture in Irish law firms, a follow up to her reporting last week which has kickstarted a conversation in the profession.

Kathleen Gallagher looks at the issue of a small number of Irish directors 'over-boarding' by sitting on dozens of private companies, a practice which raises serious questions about governance.

We also have an in-depth analysis of what happened in the government's failed referendums last week and what it means for the upcoming elections.

In sport, we look at Cheltenham and how the once-mighty jumps festival has fallen flat.

And in Arts & Living we ask Ireland's top chefs about their favourite Irish food producers.

Have a great bank holiday weekend, and thanks for reading