Restricting night-time flights at Dublin airport could lead to delays and cancellations - Dublin Chamber

Business group hit back at Fingal County Council’s order for night-time flights at Dublin Airport to be cut to 65 per night

Dublin Airport: The North Runway, which opened last August, was built at a cost of €320 million. Picture: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

Dublin’s chamber of commerce has hit back at Fingal County Council’s enforcement order against the Daa, in which it has called on the airport operator to reduce the number of night-time flights on its north runway, describing the request as “excessive and unreasonable”.

The chamber said the request could have negative consequences on tourism and lead to an increased risk of cancelled or delayed flights.

As reported by the Business Post, the Daa now has six weeks to cut the average number of night-time flights - those between 11pm and 7am - to 65 or less per night, after the council found that the airport authority had breached its planning permission conditions. It has also been ordered to pay the council €350 to cover the costs incurred during the investigation.