RTE in Crisis

‘We need to push on,’ says Kevin Bakhurst after bruising week at RTÉ headquarters

His strategic plan for the national broadcaster revealed, the director general must now face down unions and staff over job cuts, reform its corporate culture, and do battle with politicians over the licence fee system

Kevin Bakhurst, director general of RTÉ: ‘I think there’s a real sense of relief that we have the funding for 2024.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

“Some people were disappointed, some were angry. They knew the team and I were going to huge lengths to try and tell them first, and that’s always my policy.”

Kevin Bakhurst, RTÉ’s director general, was casting his mind back to Monday evening when news of the national broadcaster’s strategic vision leaked.

Four hundred jobs would be axed over the next five years, radio stations scrapped, lands at Montrose sold off and salaries capped.

At the ...