The Profile: Henry Shefflin

The Kilkenny legend, often considered the living, breathing embodiment of hurling, has just been appointed manager of Galway. The role pits him against his old mentor Brian Cody, in a student-versus-master drama for the ages

Henry Shefflin: once a legend in black and amber, now the new manager of the Galway hurling team. Illustration: Peter Hanan

In brief:

Name: Henry Shefflin

Age: 42

Appearance: ageing but still lean and athletic; reserved to the point of being inscrutable

Newsworthiness: the Kilkenny hurler with the biggest ever haul of All-Ireland medals is now tasked with bringing similar success to Galway

In depth:

Hurling isn’t accustomed to October surprises, but it got one with the appointment of Henry Shefflin as Galway’s senior inter-county manager.

After all, there were far more experienced candidates in the ...