Superbubble: Is the ‘mother of all crashes’ on the horizon?

Feeding frenzies on property, tech and other stock reached delirious heights during the pandemic. But veteran investors have been warning for some time now that several bubbles are about to burst simultaneously, and that we could be heading into a historic period of uncertainty in the markets

The Nasdaq in New York: more than 20 years on from the dotcom boom and crash, tech stocks across the globe are plunging again. Picture: Newsmakers

For Jeremy Grantham, the first holiday he took from his new job in the investment sector in 1968 was probably his best ever. He and his wife set off from the US to see their families in Britain and Germany. While they were away, Grantham, now regarded as one of the most influential investors in the world, got rich. The value of his shares in American Raceways, a motor sport company, trebled from $7 to ...