Odds on: The inside story of how your money helped Paddy Power become one of the biggest bookies in the world

For decades, Paddy Power used laddish ad campaigns and a ‘punter’s pal’ persona to win the hearts and wallets of the betting market. But all the while, it was investing massive sums in technology and expertise to zero in on the recurring habits of its customers. Now, as it prepares to cash in on the US market, a new book lifts the lid on the gambling behemoth’s unparalleled success story

Enda Kenny, the then Taoiseach, at the opening of Paddy Power’s new headquarters in Clonskeagh in 2012. The company was in growth mode at the time and announced an extra 600 jobs. Picture: Rollingnews.ie

In 2018, Stewart Kenny revealed for the first time why he walked away from Paddy Power.

Over a coffee in High Nelly’s on Haddington Road in Dublin 4, he told me that the reason he had left the company he founded in 1988, and had served as the face of before pulling the strings as a non-executive, was because he had become frustrated with its failure to tackle addiction.

Having once played the role of ...