Dispatch from Kyiv: A city thirsting for peace – and for beer

There is cautious optimism in Kyiv about the potential for peace, but most people are just happy to be able to buy alcohol again. In his weekly report from the Ukrainian capital, sports journalist Oleksandr Proshuta writes of a surreal week

People shopping in Kyiv, Ukraine: beer has been hard to come by in the capital since the early days of the war. Picture: Getty

On Friday morning, we heard the first air raid siren in 16 hours. That was the longest the gap has been between them in the last fortnight.

Last week, our side gave concrete proposals in the peace negotiations and they were actually published. There’s still a lot we don’t know – such as, what is the role of Roman Abramovich, who is known to be close to Vladimir Putin?

Most of our experts and media ...