Courting trouble: Why pleading ignorance is no longer an option for newly betrothed Rupert Murdoch

With Fox News facing a potentially ruinous $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit, the nonagenerian media mogul will have rather more on his mind than his recent engagement

Murdoch launched Fox news in October 1996 and it has been the driving force behind the direction of the Republican Party in the US since then

On St Patrick’s Day in New York, Micheál Martin ignored a rowdy crowd of election-denying conspiracy theorists along the parade route holding up signs declaring “Trump Won”.

The Tánaiste did make time for well-wishers, however, including Ann Lesley Smith, who shook hands with him. That was surely not the highlight of her day though, as Smith, 66, went home from the parade to a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of seven months, the 92-year-old Rupert ...