TV review: Documentary reveals how also-rans of horse racing meet horrifyingly cruel end

BBC’s Panorama uncovers that, far from having their post-racing welfare looked after, some equine ex-champions are euthanised inappropriately and sold for food

Panorama: The Dark Side of Horse Racing was presented by Darragh MacIntyre on BBC One

Panorama: The Dark Side of Horse Racing (BBC One)

This Way Up (Channel 4)

Shmigadoon! (AppleTV +)

They Shoot Horses Don’t They? is a 1968 Sidney Pollack film about the wretchedness of dance marathons in the Depression-era United States which exploited poverty-stricken couples who danced for money until they dropped. It was like a dancing Tontine society, all the money going to the last couple standing.

These days, they shoot horses that have not done ...