Targeted by Tattle’s trolls: The women hitting back at being abused by women on ‘appalling’ gossip sites

The popular perception has it that trolling of women on social media is an exclusively male pursuit, but the reality is somewhat different, as a new controversy over a popular gossip website illustrates

Eimear Varian Barry: the 35-year-old social media influencer remembers the horror of finding multiple threads dissecting her personal life

Like many women with a public profile, Eimear Varian Barry knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of online abuse. The 35-year-old social media influencer has encountered nasty comments about herself ever since she began to attract a big following online. But the worst vitriol only came to light when she discovered her name on Tattle Life, a site featuring thousands of discussion threads on high-profile women in Ireland and Britain.

Varian ...